Losing a child can be such a stressful ordeal!

Follow the Bear ® - Lost Child Trail and Lost Child Wristbands- are child safety products for when a child gets lost or separated from their Parent/Guardian, whilst out anywhere in public - In other words, an unfamiliar surrounding for the child.

So, what happens when this worst-case scenario occurs? A child gets lost or separated from the Parent/Guardian - a terrifying prospect for any young child. The Parent/Guardian is panicking because that gut-wrenching feeling is getting worse and they fear that something is seriously wrong.

We offer ‘A Simple Solution to a Stressful Ordeal’ that helps to reunite the lost child with the Parent/Guardian quicker.

Our installation teams are busy installing the Follow the Bear ® - Lost Child Trails around various Shopping Centres, Amusement/Theme Parks, Children's Activity Farms and Zoos in the UK.

We have received excellent feedback from all of the facilities so far, but we are still very much at the start of our journey and our goal is for all public facilities throughout the UK to have our lost child safety scheme installed making their facility a safer place for children to visit.

We can install the Follow the Bear ® - Lost Child Trail and provide Lost Child Wristbands to any public facility anywhere in the UK from as little as £2.20 per day. (A small price to pay for the safety of your child and your peace of mind)

So, if you regularly visit a public facility that doesn’t have a Follow the Bear ® - Lost Child Trail installed or have Follow the Bear ® - Lost Child Wristbands available for your child to wear in case they get lost while visiting this facility, ask them why and join forces with your friends and family and insist that they take your child’s safety seriously!