Freddie is busy all over the UK!

We don’t seem to stop here at Follow the Bear!

Newlands Shopping Centre:
We’ve just installed a Freddie Bear trail in the Newlands Shopping Centre which we’re already getting a lot of positive feedback from! We were very pleased to hear from Helena, a parent from the area that said:

“The scheme is a fab idea and I’m so grateful that my son now has a way to communicate if he is ever lost! He is additional needs and won’t communicate with anyone if he was ever in that situation, so now I feel more at ease when out in town, thanks so much!”.

Freddie is here to help!

Nursery Visits:
We’re going to be approaching nurseries in the local Herts area to come in and have a chat with parents about the scheme and sign up new members where wanted. We’re already booked to visit the Toad Hall Nursery in Watford on the 19th of August to go to their family fun day! This will have a BBQ, bouncy castle, face painting and more, so pop in and have a chat with us.

We’re also at the Tots Day Nursery on the 22nd of August 4:30pm to 5:30pm if you want to catch us there! If your children attend a local nursery and you’d like us to visit, have a chat with the staff there or get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do. Our events calendar shall be updated accordingly.

Pre-Paid Packs
We’ve also created a new system to be implemented in conjunction with these nursery visits where parents can quickly and easily purchase a pack from us in person which can then be activated from home/mobile phone here – no on the spot registration required! If you can’t get out to us, click here to sign up and purchase a pack and we’ll have it out to you in no time.

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