Losing a child can be such a stressful ordeal!

So, what happens when this worst-case scenario occurs? A child gets lost or separated from the Parent/Guardian - a terrifying prospect for any young child. The Parent/Guardian is panicking because that gut-wrenching feeling is getting worse and they fear that something is seriously wrong.

We offer ‘A Simple Solution to a Stressful Ordeal’ that helps to reunite the lost child with the Parent/Guardian quicker.  

Target Market

Our target market is 3-10-year old's who in the blink of an eye can wander off and lose sight of their Parent/Guardian.

  • A survey by Childline (NSPCC) has shown that nearly 1 in 5 children accidentally get separated from their Parents whilst on holiday.
  • 1 child is reported lost or missing every 3 minutes in the UK (Missingkids)
  • 2 out of every 3 British adults would hesitate to help a lost child because they fear of being falsely accused of something sinister (Reuters)
  • An average of more than 70 London children are being reported missing to Scotland Yard every day, research has revealed (Scotland Yard)
  • In the last 3 years we have discovered that there is not one standard lost child policy in place throughout the UK (FollowtheBear.co.uk) – Public facilities have no legal obligation to keep a record of lost children, so they could not tell you how often it occurs in their facilities and how long it took to reunite a lost child with its Parent or Guardian.

Follow the Bear ® - Lost Child Wristbands

Each participating facility can give your child a Follow the Bear ® - Lost Child Wristband 'Free of Charge' and these can be obtained by you at either the facilities Ticket Office/Reception, their Security Staff or Cleaners; or at a dispenser located in the facility (at the entrance with an A2 or A1 info graphic board with animated characters demonstrating to your child how the scheme works.

So, if you regularly visit a public facility that doesn’t have a Follow the Bear ® - Lost Child Trail installed or have Follow the Bear ® - Lost Child Wristbands available for your child to wear in case they get lost while visiting this facility, ask them why and join forces with your friends and family and insist that they take your child’s safety seriously!