How does Follow the Bear ® Work?

Every facility that has a Follow the Bear ® Lost Child Trail installed have Lost Child Wristbands available to give away (free of charge) to every Customer/Visitor that has a small child with them. These wristbands are issued by either the Security Staff or Cleaners, a Ticket Office/Receptionist or Customer Service staff. 

The Parent/Guardian then write their name and mobile number on the wristband and attach it to the child's wrist in case they get lost or separated from them.

If a child gets lost they simply follow our Freddie Bear signs, that have directional arrows on his tummy, this enables the child to find their way to a ‘Safety Station’.

Once there, the member of staff looks at the Follow the Bear ® - Lost Child Wristband and calls the Parent/Guardian and informs them that their child is being kept safe at the ‘Safety Station’ and where it is located. The Parent/Guardian can also follow the trail signs to the Safety Station..... it's that simple!

To date we have received nothing but positive feedback from participating facilities, with Parents and Children easily identifying Freddie Bear and the Follow the Bear ® Lost Child Trail Signs and the Children that have been lost are following the trail to a ‘Safety Station’ and being reunited with the Parents/Guardians quickly and with a lot less stress.

Follow the Bear ® - Lost Child Trail and Lost Child Wristbands